Why should I verify my phone number in Busy Ness?

We highly recommend getting your phone number verified, in your Busy Ness profile. When you create an ads post from a verified profile, your ad shows "Phone Number Verified". This creates more confidence in your customers, that the business/ service provider is real.

I cannot find my ‘Ads Post Category’ listed under the ‘Category’ I selected, what can I do?

If you cannot find your ads post category under the listed catalog then select “Services” category and choose “Other Services” option. In case of any difficulty feel free to contact us.

Do I need to Login in Busy Ness to create an ads post?

Yes, you need to a login to create an ads post in Busy Ness. This is required as you will have all your ads posts in your profile, from where you can manage (edit, delete, share) them.

I don’t have a Mobile Number; how can I create a Login in Busy Ness?

You need a valid mobile number to create a login in Busy Ness, without a mobile number you cannot proceed.


  • Add your valid mobile number to the profile and get it verified.
  • If you are adding any text (in the Description sections); avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • In the additional text, try to share facts, figures, and information.
  • Do use pictures.
  • If you are sharing details like Email / valid mobile number, then be diligent in regularly checking the mail / always answering the calls, for customer queries.
  • Make use of local festivities to create new / updated posts for any promotion offer about your service.


  • If you are adding any text, do not write in ALL CAPS.
  • If you are adding custom images, please do not use any copyrighted images.
  • If you are adding custom images, don’t use low-quality blurry images.

What is Busy Ness?

Busy Ness is an online platform for ads posting and searching for local ads posts.

You can create an ads post quickly and easily, and publish it on Busy Ness. You can search from hundreds of ads posts, filter them as per your needs, save your favorite ads posts and even share them with others. Busy Ness showcases your city and your needs. It’s a quick way to advertise your business or search for your needs.

Where can I find my Ads Posts?

Once you have successfully created an ad post, it is saved in your “My account” option. Go to the “My account” option on the top right side of the page, now you can manage all your ads under the “Dashboard” option.

How can I save my favourite ads posts in Busy Ness?

In the search results page in Busy Ness, each ads will have a “Heart Shape” icon on the right side mid of the post. On clicking the “Heart Shape” icon, it will turn into “Gray” color and you can see it, in “My account” option under “My favourites” option.